21/31 – Peter Petrelli

21/31 – Peter Petrelli

Exactly ten years ago, TV show “Heroes” aired on German TV. I’d missed the first episode though I’d wanted to watch it – I had a newborn daughter at home and my life was pretty upside down – but a friend of mine told me about the first episode in such glowing terms that not only did I watch the second, but his summary had been so good that I actually understood what was going on.

On Thursday, when I uploaded Newt Scamander, I had a wonderful conversation on Facebook with a visitor who pointed me to a video on the caring masculinity of Newt. It summed up exactly why I loved the character, and reminded me of several other heroes this Inktober that fall into the same category. It’s certainly what made me fall in love with Peter Petrelli, the hyper-superpowered nurse from New York City.

It’s also the reason why I felt extremely divided on later episodes and the development of Peter’s character. I increasingly felt that some of the writers had no idea what to do with him (being totally overpowered didn’t help), and that actor Milo Ventimiglia, too, didn’t seem to be too happy with the caring properties (frequently scoffed at as “emo” on the forums that I frequented in those days), and so the character went back and forth between conventional hero and sensitive caregiver. I solved the problem for myself by *excessive* fanfic writing (around 140,000 words all in all) for about three years.

Size: 550 × 804

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