25/31 – Aslan

25/31 – Aslan

The Narnia books have been with me for so long, and so constantly, that I can’t even remember when I first read them. I must have been in primary school, and I had the first three books in German. The way they were presented probably kept me from reading the others – they had titles so confusingly similar that I can barely remember which is which (The Miracle of Narnia, The King of Narnia, A Ship from Narnia – well, that’s the only one I can do), and I hated the illustrations when I was a child. They were typical 70s children’s book illustrations by either Rolf or Margret Rettich – I could never tell those two apart either – and while I see their merits now, I thoroughly disliked them when I was younger. My taste was pretty firmly formed quite early, and hasn’t changed a lot since.

I got a boxed set of the books in English when I was around seventeen, and was very much into Tolkien, and finally read them all back to back. I’ve reread them several times in the years since, and it was a tough choice whom I should draw for Inktober – Digory, Lord Drinian, King Tilian and Reepicheep were close contenders.

Size: 550 × 791

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