Toned paper drawings

Experimenting with new (or old) techniques – I broke out the old toned paper again, together with red/brown and white pencil. I love how you can get beautiful sketches and drawings full of life that still look finished. It’s also great to work without (or with minimal) reference again.

“The Girdle of Melian”

“Three is company”

“Until the world is broken and remade” 

All of these are available as matted prints from my shop. The originals all sold straight off the easel, so if you’re interested in purchasing original art such as these, have a look at my Patreon page – all my Patrons get first dibs at original art and new prints!


2 thoughts on “Toned paper drawings

  1. Hi Jenny ! Your drawing of the king and the prince is fabulous !
    I’ve made an ilustration based on it to put in a Bible history I’m writing…
    Would you allow me to use it, since I quote your name ? Thks

    • Hello Gerson,
      it’s not a king and prince – it’s the brothers Elrond (who chose immortality) and Elros (who chose mortality) from Tolkien’s writings. Please understand that I do not want my illustrations to be used out of context.
      All the best,

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