Ice and Fire


Watercolour and gouache on Canson Héritage torchon paper, 38×26 cm.
Prints here!

Original available – note me if interested!

A few words of explanation on the style/character choices:
I discovered A Song of Ice and Fire in 2003 and devoured the first three books (which was all there was back then) in one go. I totally fell in love with Jon Snow, and I remember loving how realistically written the teenage characters were. I had fun trying to picture them in my school classes I was teaching at the time. It was easy for all of them, except Dany. All the others I could place in any odd Year Seven, Year Eight, Year Nine, easily, but Dany totally eluded me. I didn’t like her, and she didn’t have a face while I read.

The show rectified that, and admirably, which I’m sure has to do with the choice of aging everyone up five years, but my Jon will always remain my Jon.

4 thoughts on “Ice and Fire

  1. This picture makes me feel like I’ve come full circle… I discovered you through paintings of the Stark family in late 2003, which in turn made me buy the three first books. Your Jon will always be my Jon, your Arya will always be my Arya, your Winterfell will always be my Winterfell, and though I stopped watching the show after season 5 I’ll always thank you for introducing me to George R. R. Martin’s work. Has it really been 15 years already? ^^

  2. I read the first book in 1997, when it first came out in paperback in English. I come back to your art every so often because it’s been among my favorites for years. It’s ironic that you didn’t like Daenerys at first, because your portrait of her from years ago is probably the single best depiction I’ve seen of the way she’s described in the book.

    Anyway, this new one might be my favorite art of any I’ve seen for the series; it’s definitely in my top ten. I can’t afford to buy it from you, but I really envy the person who can! Just beautiful.

  3. I do not like at all the couple Jon and Daenerys (especially because of the awful seven and eight seasons of GoT), but your picture is simply wonderful!

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