Inktober – Llelo

This is what I can do at 8 AM. I’ve never drawn at 8 AM in my life, but it looks as if transmogrifying into an early bird might be worth a shot!

Those of you who have followed me for longer than ten years will remember this guy – he’s Llelo, or Llywelyn, a major character in a story I was writing/devising between 2001 and 2009, at which point I decided it was just too unremarkable to go forward with. Since then, I have at times thought along mythological lines to spice it up, and at some point, I wanted to add helpful animals, but it felt random and never went anywhere. Mostly, it was lacking any meaningful female character.

Yesterday, looking at the little owl I’d taken from my brother’s house as a remembrance (seen top right), I realised that at least one reason why it felt *right* was that it was a tawny owl, which I’d used as reference for the legend and painting of Blodeuwedd – the Welsh legend of a woman formed out of flowers to marry King Llew, and who betrays and murders him, then being transformed into an owl.

Today, Blodeuwedd is often seen as a sympathetical figure, and I thought to add her in that role – atoning for her deeds and growing far beyond her punishment.

There was my mythological connection of legend, a meaningful female character, and helpful animals. I’m not sure yet whether this will go anywhere more promising than the last installments of The Rhyddion Chronicles, but at the very least, it’s resulted in a great inked drawing of one of my favourite cutie-pies!

Size: 791 × 900

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One thought on “Llelo

  1. I remember these characters ! I’m kind of sad you never published the whole story, event though I understand your reasons.
    Thank you for offering us more of them, and for not giving up ! I wish you the best.

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