Owl study, Oct 13

Fittingly, this piece has to do with my brother.

Jan loved owls. One of my first memories of him – he would have been almost a teenager, me, around four – was his owl collection. When I was little, we had about nothing in common, and I remember being glad that an owl was always something I could get him for Christmas or his birthday. Accordingly, when December came around, I’d find myself doing clay owls in art class that I could present to him on those occasions.

When I went through his house for the last time after his death, I took a few of his CDs but didn’t really want anything else of his. Until I saw the owl – he had kept just a handful of the huge collection he’d amassed in his teenage years, and there was one to which I connected on some level. Either I’d given it to him, or it had been my favourite of his. Any way, I took that one home. It’s looking at me from my computer screen now.

Size: 600 × 796

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