Rhys, Oct 16

Rhys ab Huw! A minor character in the story that I just dearly love.

“Oh, come on, Rhys. You need to loosen up. A tumble round the hay barn with the right girl might just be the right thing for you. If the hay barn wasn’t about to collapse, that is. Maybe I wouldn’t choose the monks’ barn for that either, although, if you asked nicely…”
Both Aedan and Llywelyn started laughing, but Llywelyn was quick to amend, in mock disapproval, “Careful, Aedan. That’s our sister you’re talking about.”
Rhys’s ears were glowing red by now. “Will you shut up already!” he hissed. “I have absolutely no inclination of ‘tumbling round the hay barn’ with anyone, least of all—” he broke off as, in that precise moment, Adenydd came out of the foregate, causing Llywelyn to roll off the chicken coop wall with laughter.

Size: 747 × 843

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