Wardens of the North

Wardens of the North. Watercolour and coloured pencil on Canson Vidalon cold-pressed paper, 16×26 cm.

Prints of this are available here! Or you can try to win one in a giveaway on my Patreon. The original piece will be available in my shop soon! Contact me if you’re interested.

I’m currently on a two-week sick leave after my eye-related headaches got less and less manageable. I’m trying to rest loads, avoid any driving if I can, and training my left eye to take over without protesting too much. It’ll take a lot longer than two weeks to get there (my ophthalmologist is thinking in years), but I hope to give myself a bit of a head start under less stressful conditions. Switching between near and far is the worst. Surprisingly, working on tiny paintings for hours works really well. Which gives me the added recreational experience of doing something that really recharges my mental battery.

One thought on “Wardens of the North

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that your eye trouble has gotten so much worse. I really hope that the two weeks will be some help at least, and that you’ll manage to get the rest you need later, too.

    On a happier note, I’m once again blown away by your skill with backgrounds. I love how you invoke the width of Beleriand with the glimpses of mountains and hills and the mist that binds them together and keeps them apart (if that makes any sense). Love how Maedhros’ gaze is drawn towards Thangorodrim – of course it would be. And the carrion-crows…
    Brilliant work. Glad to read that it helps to recharge your battery!

    Lastly, “Wardens of the North” has been the tentative working title for the as-yet-unwritten-but-very-much-planned sequel to The Tempered Steel in my head, so I’m vaguely hoping that your painting will provide a kick in the butt to the muses so they start cooperating on that. XD

    Get better soon!

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