A little Silmarillion spree

Those always feel like coming home!



Watercolour on Legion Stonehenge cold-pressed paper, 29×39 cm.

“So Fëanor has sealed his betrayal with fire. He will not return and has abandoned us here, as we all secretly feared he would. And Maitimo – where do you stand now? Did you bow to his will, do you stand by him, as you did when he broke the peace, as you did when he swore that terrible oath? Have Morgoth’s lies stamped out the love that once bound us, or do you still remember our friendship? Or was it Fëanor that stamped it out? I never had any part in any quarrel. The estrangement of our fathers never concerned me. When we meet again, will you remember our friendship? Will I?”

“How blind have I been, to think my father would ever turn back to bring hither the ones he left behind! How did I ever believe he considered them more than needless baggage? How can we hope to prevail without aid in this strange land, and how will we ever forgive ourselves for all that has passed? To the blood of the Teleri on our hands we now add that of our brothers and cousins, for surely they will now perish either by the vengefulness of the Valar, or in their attempt to cross the ice. Findekáno… I will never even be able to beg your forgiveness for this betrayal. You will meet your death hating me, and I will always know I deserve it for my inaction.”

(Writing is mine.)

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Maedhros sketches. Quick ones in my watercolour sketchbook. I’ve done quite a few recently – you can see more on Patreon!



“And they disguised themselves, and came in the night to the camp of Eönwë, and crept into the place where the Silmarils were guarded; and they slew the guards, and laid hands on the jewels. Then all the camp was raised against them, and they prepared to die, defending themselves until the last.”

Watercolour (Payne’s Grey and Golden Barok Red) on Hahnemühle Expression paper, cold pressed. 18×25 cm.

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