Tears Unnumbered


“Thus ended Nirnaeth Arnoediad, as the sun went down beyond the sea. Night fell in Hithlum, and there came a great storm of wind out of the West.”

Maedhros realises that everything is lost – the realms of the Noldor, their armies, their hopes, and his best friend.

Watercolour on Bockingford cold-pressed paper, 18×29 cm.

You can get it as a print in my Etsy shop! The original is available too.

I’ve come across quite a few renditions of Maedhros with a dead Fingon in his arms after the Nirnaeth; and while I appreciate the drama, I feel sure Maedhros didn’t learn of his friend’s death until days after the battle, and that he was too far away from Fingon while he and his brothers made their escape after Uldor’s treachery.

One thought on “Tears Unnumbered

  1. You’re posting again ! It makes me so happy to come here after a few months and see all the new stuff. Thanks for the beauty.

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