And his heart was filled with longing


“And his heart was filled with longing”, watercolours on Bockingford Torchon paper, 21×31 cm. Tuor by the sea.

This started out inspired by a line of the “Book of Lost Tales” as I was re-reading/listening to John Garth’s “Tolkien and the Great War”, and ended up being what I feel whenever I’m in Cornwall.

Prints available! (Did you know? My Patrons get 20% off!)

3 thoughts on “And his heart was filled with longing

  1. Wunderschön!!! Freue mich, wieder deine Werke verfolgen zu können, die mich ebenfalls zum Malen inspirieren. Vor, allem, seitdem ich jetzt auch im Frankenwald wohne, was stark an das Auenland erinnert. :D
    Habe dich auch auf Instagram gefunden, wo sich sehr gern deine Kunst verfolge.
    Viele Grüße, Pubea

  2. I really love the scruffy look of your Tuor. He looks like a real person.
    As for his posture and his longing, they remind me of holidays in Britanny… never been to Cornwall, but I’m told the scenery is quite similar in places… and certainly very lovely.

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