All the art on this blog (unless otherwise noted) is (c) Jenny Dolfen 1993-2015.


If you want to spread my work, I’m glad! Below every post, there are loads of share buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, tumblr, and more. Please use those, so others can find me too! Thank you!



Please do not

-rip my artwork out of context (posting it saying it depicts someone else than I intended);

– modify or alter my images,

– remove my signature or website tag;

– use it for hateful, religious, political, or pornographic purposes;

– make profit of it (by selling posters or embroidery designs or anything related);

– claim it as yours.


You guys who keep taking my art to post on porn sites, please stop it. It’s getting tedious. Not that you’re going to read this anyway.

2 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Hiya! Is it alright if I used your artwork for fandom (Silmarillion) purposes? I’d love to use them to make banners for a SWG re-read, with full credit, of course. I’m not sure if this would fall under altering the image. Thanks!

  2. Dear Jenny, I find your art stunning and I am thinking of using some of your images in a Youtube channel that I am creating about Tolkien characters. Can I use your images of course giving you the credit? Thank you a lot!

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