As little might be thought

“For Maglor took pity upon Elros and Elrond, and he cherished them, and love grew after between them, as little might be thought; but Maglor’s heart was sick and weary with the burden of the dreadful oath.”

(The Silmarillion, “Of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”)


Watercolour and gouache on Canson Montval cold-pressed paper, A3 size.


A re-run of an old sketch that never took off, so I was really glad when I was asked to revisit it as a commission! My son kindly modelled both Elrond and Elros. Don’t ask me which is which. XD

Commissions open!



Thank you all so much :)



I’m opening my commissions again!

Please note: Tolkien/Book characters go first.
Slots are limited to five to seven smaller commissions or two to three larger ones (or appropriate combinations.)
If you’d like a commission, please send me an email to, telling me what you’d like, subject matter, size, price range, coloured or not. Please make sure you read the commission page linked above. Thank you! :)