New batch of pins have come in!

Look at those beauties! <3 I can’t stop staring.

You can find them in my Etsy shop! Check out Patreon or my newsletter for discounts. :)

The newsletter is a good idea if you want to stay up to date – there’s a lot of stuff happening at the moment. I’ve just finished work on a new artbook collecting my works from 2015 to now, which will be available later this summer or in autumn. I’ve been pretty busy with that, and the pins, but I hope that now there’ll be an uptick in watercolour/pencil art again! Thank you all, as always, for supporting my work. <3


Here are my first ever enamel pins! I can’t get over how well they turned out.

They’re available in my Etsy shop!

I’ll do the next batch with the same manufacturer – they probably won’t make it to MagicCon, but I’ll bring the two above.

Truth be told, the two above are actually my second ever enamel pins. The first attempt was a total nightmare. The bronze was smudged into the enamel in production, and Maedhros ended up a zombie smurf. (The one on the right is one of three or four, in 200 pins, that looked almost acceptable. All the rest were like the one on the left.) Luckily, the manufacturer immediately offered to redo them at no cost to me.

Pin designs

I can’t believe I never designed pins until now. It’s so freaking addictive!
The Maedhros pin is in production; I’m biting my nails to see it! It’s an exclusive special for my Patreon supporters. If you want one, you can still join up by March 25 to claim yours!

Others will be more openly available in the coming weeks and months, like the #Team Feanor, #Team Fingolfin, and #Team Finarfin pins. ;) I’ll be doing more too, but there’ll continue to be Patreon exclusives. It’s certainly worth a peek!