T-shirt design for Tolkien2019 in Birmingham

I was given the great honour to design the official T-shirt for the Tolkien2019 event in Birmingham, a four-day conference for the fiftieth birthday of the Tolkien Society next month. These shirts will be exclusive to the event, but I will sell prints later. :) Keep an eye out for them or join my mailing list to be sure!

Watercolour on Legion Stonehenge cold-pressed paper, 29×39 cm.

Farewell, sweet earth and northern sky

‘Farewell sweet earth and northern sky,

for ever blest, since here did lie,

and here with lissom limbs did run,

beneath the moon, beneath the sun,

Lúthien Tinúviel

more fair than mortal tongue can tell.

Though all to ruin fell the world,

and were dissolved and backward hurled

unmade into the old abyss,

yet were its making good, for this—

the dawn, the dusk, the earth, the sea—

that Lúthien on a time should be.’

I’m completely submerged in exam papers; this is the only thing worth showing from a few pitiful, hastily scribbled scraps in my sketchbook. For all that, I feel it’s well worth showing.

Beren has acquired a beard. Oh the outrage. Blame Viggo, and Robb and Jon from HBO’s Game of Thrones. But at least Beren is fully entitled to all this scruffy glory, whereas Aragorn is Númenorean and Robb and Jon and fourteen. So there.

New Tolkien art on the workbench

Yes! Jenny is about to acknowledge that the Silmarillion has more than Noldor!

One long overdue pic of Beren and Lúthien. The last Beren I did dates back to… 1993? and had mushroom hair. Don’t make me dig out pics.

And I liked the little sketchy Ancalagon the Black I scribbled on the class trip enough to blow him up to painting proportions. Flying at the head of a winged dragon army.

Another one I want to do before the Return of the Ring event is Eärendil with Elwing, possibly as split screen with Elrond and Elros plus Maedhros and Maglor.

If we make that an acronym, it’d be Meemee.