I do private commissions and work for companies.

For private character work, please read the following information before you contact me! For companies, the below can serve as a rough guideline for negotiation, plus fees for usage rights etc.

Please contact me through email, as that is easiest for me to keep track of. Thank you!

Prices. The following is a rough guideline of how much any given character commission might cost. All my prices are in Euros. Check for conversion into your currency.

The examples below use the international standard paper sizes (A5, A4, A3 etc).



If you’re used to deviantArt type pricing ($5 for a single character, $80 for a full 20+ hour painting) – those kinds of prices are unrealistic and self-destructive for professional artists making a living from their art. Please read this if you’re unaware of how pricing in the art business works.)

Payment has to be in advance. If we’re talking larger sums, we can always work out a different payment plan. Payment must be complete before I start colouring.
PayPal preferred ( Please set the currency to Euros! PayPal lets you do that.
– if you live in Germany, Überweisung is fine. I’ll let you know my bank details by mail.

When you commission art from me, you will always get the final, original piece.

– Send me a description of what you’d like (character(s), size, colour or pencil, level of detail) and we’ll agree on a price and time frame.
– Once the payment has been made, I’ll send you a sketch of the character, which, of course, can still be changed if you want me to. Up to two revisions are included in the price at this stage.
– When you’re happy with the sketch, I get to work on the lineart. I show you that as well, at which time you can still ask for minor changes. A smaller fix is included in the price in this stage.
– I’ll talk about colours with you to make sure we’re thinking similar moods and colours for the piece. I’ll show you works in progress if it’s a complex piece, but changes should be the exception at this stage. Please note that I can make practically no changes in a finished watercolour image (apart from digital changes).
Changes and revisions. Any changes beyond the two in the sketch and the minor ones in the lineart are billable at an hourly rate. (This is rare though. The better we communicate our ideas in the beginning or the more you’re happy to let me run with it, the lass chance there is.)
– I finish the piece, post it to my online galleries, AND send the finished original painting to you, well protected in a sturdy cardboard envelope, usually insured (we’ll fix a price for that, as well as any matting or framing you’d like me to do.)

(Book) Fandom characters: Please note that, for commissions, I will stick to my own vision of characters (the ones you’ll find in my galleries). I may be open to small concessions, but I will not draw actors. And I’m very strictly canon, but you probably knew that if you’re familiar with my work.

A few notes on rights: The standard for most of my commissions is as follows: I retain the rights for the image I created for you. That means that I may still offer prints, and I can add the work to my portfolios, online and otherwise, and may put it into artbooks and calendars promoting my own work. For anything else, I’ll ask your permission. I’ll never use a picture I did of your RPG character out of context, for example.
Likewise, you’re allowed to post the piece (with crediting and linking me, of course) and use it for non-commercial purposes. You do not have permission to make money with it without asking me first, unless it was specifically made as book cover, game art, or similar. For example, if I drew a pic of your character, and at some point you write a novel about that character and publish it, you may not use my art as cover. On the other hand, if you commissioned me to do a novel cover for you, of course, then it’s a novel cover, with all the rights entailed. If you’re unsure about any sort of use, just ask. Usually, we should be able to sort anything out.