Colouring and watercolour

4) Questions about my art: Colouring and watercolour technique 

How did you colour this pic?

:bulletpurple: It should say in the description under each of my pictures what was used to create it.

Several colouring techniques I’ve used over the years:

Watercolour/Photoshop This one still puzzles people. Around 2003-2005, I painted my watercolours in black watercolour only, and then “tinted” the pieces in Photoshop. I haven’t done that for several years now. All my recent watercolours are “real” watercolours.

Digital I used a lot of digital techniques between 2005 and 2009, with a few watercolours thrown in every now and then. I have an Intuos 3 graphics tablet, and Photoshop 6.0. *sound of dinosaur stomping past*

What materials do you use for watercolour?

:bulletpurple: Paints: Mainly Daniel Smith, with some Winsor/Newton, Schmincke, Mijello, Sennelier, Old Holland and QoR thrown in, usually in tubes. Sometime liquid watercolour from Rohrer/Klingner or Dr Martin’s. More info
:bulletpurple: Paper: Usually cold pressed and always 300 gr/m (140 lbs). Paper is a highly subjective thing. I totally can’t work with the most-praised papers (Arches, Fabriano and Saunders). My favourite brands are Clairefontaine Torchon and Canson Montval. Torchon paper has a very rough surface, but more cloudy than cottony.
:bulletpurple: Brushes: Mostly Raphael kolinskis. Real-hair brushes hold a lot of water and still form very fine tips, making them great all-rounders. I usually use a 10-12 for the rough colour block-ins, and a 2 or a 1 for most of the painting, with a 6/0 used for the tiniest detail work.

For more information on how I use watercolours and what I use, also step-by steps, see my tutorials (especially this) and blog posts tagged “walkthrough”!

What is that frame you use to stretch your watercolour paper?

:bulletpurple: It’s a watercolour stretcher from Brown Tree Art (, a manufacturer in the UK. They’re incredibly handy for preventing paper from buckling when used with a lot of water. I own three, for my most often used paper sizes.

How on earth can you paint with coffee?

:bulletpurple: I’ve made a tutorial on that here. And yes, it smells nice. ;)

Where can I download this app “Photoshop”?

:bulletpurple: You don’t download it, you buy it. It’s not an app, but a high-end graphics software. Older versions are cheaper. And if you seriously thought it was freeware, you’d better not ask what the newer ones cost.


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