Personal and general weirdness

6) Other (Personal life, name pronunciation and general weirdness)

What do you teach?

:bulletpurple: I teach English and Latin at Gymnasium (Grammar school/High School, approximately) in Germany. I teach ages eleven to nineteen. I’ve also taught Art on occasion as a substitute teacher.

You’re a teacher, you illustrate, and you have two kids – how do you manage that?

:bulletpurple: Barely!
I don’t teach full-time, and don’t take on many commissions during the school terms. I do not have much free time, though. May/June and October/November/December are usually bad months for art, as I do most of my larger projects in the times without much marking. My kids are getting older, thankfully, and often let me draw or paint these days.

Where does your username “GoldSeven” come from?

:bulletpurple: From a Star Wars role-playing game – I played a female Y-Wing pilot whose callsign was Gold Seven. That was ages ago, but it has stuck as my username pretty much everywhere online.

How do you pronounce your name?

:bulletpurple: Yenny Dolphin. But don’t worry, even colleagues who’ve worked with me for ten years still get it wrong and say “Jenny”.

(Jenny, with the “y” sound, is an old Northern German/Scandinavian name. It’s not derived from Jennifer/Gwenhwyfar but from Johanna/Joan.)

(For Germans) Can I say “du”?

:bulletpurple: On the Internet – feel free! Unless you’re a student of mine, I guess in that case we should stick with the formal “Sie”.


Ai! laurie lantar lassi surinen, yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron!
Fennas nogothrim, lasto beth lammen!
Orn dos jal fridj sevir uns’aa maglust qualla!

:bulletpurple: I do NOT speak Quenya, Sindarin, and much less Drow. I will very probably recognise anything Elven directly from the books, but please don’t tell me that Fingolfin’s nose is too long in Quenya.
If you assume that I speak Welsh and address me in that language, on the other hand, I will feel highly flattered, but you still won’t get much more back than a “diolch yn fawr” because that’s really all I can do…

WOoooooooaaaww is dis painter or PS coz ifzt PS iwanna no hw u use it i cant us it atall tellme PLZ ty cu bye.

:bulletpurple: Make an effort, OK?


What’s your problem with yaoi?

:bulletpurple: I’m totally fine with yaoi in original characters. What I dislike is wildly AU material with other people’s characters of any kind. It doesn’t matter to me if it entails Gandalf having sex with Galadriel, Morgoth having sex with Sauron, or Qui-Gon Jinn being pregnant with Obi-Wan’s baby. I dislike the sexualisation of a story in which sexuality is barely even implied, and the reduction of every story or every character to abs and chromosomes.


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