2 thoughts on “Ringbearers, pencil and Photoshop, 2006

  1. that is a fine elrond; very fine indeed. :) small nitpicks … (sorry!) … i think that he should be taller; a lot taller. and more beautiful … childern of luthien and all that jazz; he and arwen look much alike and she is one of the fairest beings who graced middle-earth; his mother and granddaddy dior are also in that category.

    galadriel is perfect. gandalf also. lovely art. i think that your vision of elrond is one of the best you can (or colud) find.

    so … perhaps you could paint elrond with his wife, sons and daughter. that’s a great idea. well, at least i think it would be. yea; and celebrian should be silver-haired. ;) well, can you tell that i like elrond?

    celegorm is the other one i fancy; and he is golden-haired in my opinion … in my imagination he has a mane of (very) long and glistening golden hair.

    this picture is such a nice, great gift for tolkien lovers. :)

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