Glorfindel’s return to Rivendell


Watercolour and Ecoline, 30×42 cm

A “missing scene” of the Second Age: Glorfindel, after his death battling a Balrog after the Fall of Gondolin, is reembodied in Valinor and returns to Rivendell – and, for the first time, meets Elrond, who would not have been born if it hadn’t been for Glorfindel’s sacrifice.

Some steps:

Harp lessons

This commission really took me some failed attempts – I couldn’t get two people and a harp to work without reference.


It only worked when I grabbed my husband and daughter and had them pose for a few reference shots. My daughter’s cutely contorted feet then made it into the drawing. The harp ought to go between Elrond’s legs, I know – but hey, Maglor still has a lot to teach him. And I really, really had to keep those legs.


The lineart:


And finally, a light watercolour wash (that still took age to dry last night – the humidity was so high that it took over an hour. I had to resort to the hair dryer!)