Here are all my tutorials, all at a glance. Have fun!

Youtube channel

Watercolour (and coffee)


Different watercolour paints – a comparison

Painting Basics

Mood in watercolour

How not to use masking fluid: An Un-Tutorial

Coffee painting tutorial


Watercolour: walkthroughs

Below, you’ll find step-by-steps of the following images:


“Fade to Gold”

“Aragorn son of Arathorn”


“Fingolfin’s Challenge”

“And Morgoth came”

“The Oath of Feanor”


“There will be blood”

“Ancalagon the Black”

“Pain and regret”

“The Drawing of the Sword”

“The Oath has been awakened”

“The harp no longer sings”

“In the deepest wildwood”


“Across the wild Alps”

“Laerminuial” (Acrylic Ink)


Digital colouring

New tutorial

Old tutorial


Other tutorials



How to clean up lineart digitally

6 thoughts on “Tutorials+Videos

  1. Hi Jenny, your work is gorgeous! I see that you have a bit of a problem using masking fluid for larger areas. Have you tried using frisket film? I see that Elizabeth Kincaid uses frisket film, leaves a small margin open around the masked area and then seals it with masking fluid/frisket. I haven’t tried it myself because I haven’t seen it in South Africa.

  2. Hi Jenny, the link to your chainmail tutorial appears to be broken. Any chance of a reupload somewhere?

  3. Hi Jenny, I love your style especially the way you use watercolour. I was just wondering with the lineart what sort of ink do you use if any? or do you just use a pencil?

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