20×29 cm, watercolour and gouache on Schut Terschelling hot-pressed paper.

“But many refused the summons, preferring the starlight and the wide spaces of Middle-earth to the rumour of the Trees; and these are the Avari, the Unwilling, and they were sundered in that time from the Eldar, and met never again until many ages were past.”

Thranduil in Spring


The third in a series of four seasonal Thranduils – the last remaining will be summer. Flower-wise, spring is my favourite season, and I really enjoyed the magnolias, cherry blossoms, forget me nots and johnny jump ups in his crown.

Watercolour and a bit of gel pen on Canson Fontenay cold-pressed paper, 20×29 cm.
Prints here! I’ll make a set available once I have all four together. :)

Gold leaf, copper, and a redhead

There were several things I saw this month that made me want to try out gold leaf (and ImagineFX magazine accounted for several of them).

It didn’t take me long to decide I loved the effect, and needed more metals. Obviously, copper was an early choice. Also obviously, Maedhros was happy to be my guinea pig once again. (That Elf has been my guinea pig for watercolours, coloured pencils, acrylics and even oils over time, but he’s asked me not to mention the last two ever again.)

I’ll be safe mentioning this one, though. :) Still learning how to apply it best, on what surfaces, and in what weather (34°C seems to be suboptimal), but I just love the effect!


Prints here!

Youtube, Twitter, and Periscope, oh my

I’ve set up (or re-activated) a few new social media channels.

On my Youtube channel, you’ll see me uploading several watercolour process videos over the next few weeks. Four are already there: Celebrimbor, Nienna, and the Brothers (in two parts). It would mean a lot to me if you’d check them out, share them, or tell me what you think of them!

I’ve also set up Twitter (again) and plan to use it for little announcements and status updates. (As you do.)

Via Twitter, I hope to use Periscope – that’s a streaming service which I’d love to use to stream painting sessions, too. The weak link there is the fact that I STILL don’t have a smartphone, but I should be able to swipe hubby’s from time to time. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll get notified when I start periscoping!