9 thoughts on “Maedhros searching for the sons of Dior

  1. I’ve always found that this scene was one of the saddest (and that’s saying something). Searching for something without hope, which is pretty much what the whole Silmarillion is about, although some of them (*cough* Feanor *cough*) fooled themselves and others into thinking otherwise. Maedhros was – sorry – IS one of the greatest characters in the book – I won’t say he’s necessarily a good character, because of some of the things he did, but he’s got depth and relatable emotions – of Tolkien’s greats.

    Absolutely incredible, as always! I’ve been looking forward to this one for ages. Have you really done all of that in just pencil? Beautiful armour, expressive faces, beautiful depiction. Also, the Alan Lee-esque trees in the border are lovely.

  2. The white stuff on the roots would be snow? If it is, then I think it passed all of a message composed with the rest of the scene (about searching in vain, for a lot of time, until winter came and no hope was left, and so on). I liked how you connected Maedhros’ and the sons’ scenes with the roots as well. Good piece :)

  3. Mir gefällt die Zeichnung sehr, sehr gut. Ich muss aber doch gestehen, dass ich ein klitzekleinbisschen enttäuscht war über die bloß monochrome Farbgebung. Ich war mir nämlich sicher, mit Farben wird das absolut großartig, und entsprechend gespannt bin ich gewesen.
    Hast Du denn noch ‘für Dich’ eine farbige Version geplant? Oder hat das Ganze dann dafür schon zu viele Schraffuren?

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