Print Sale!


From today until May 7, 2013, all prints are special price!

Regular A3 print with white border: 12€

A5 Facsimile pastel print: 22€

A3 facsimile print on watercolour paper with gold paint (no white border): 65€

A3 + Remarque print (with white border and pencil drawing added by hand): 35€

See examples of prints

I ship worldwide! Shipping (international OR within Germany): 4€ (or 2,50 for A5 prints). No additional cost for more than one print (unless it’s more than six, or four watercolour facsimiles).


I have no checkout function on my website (yet), so this works via Email.

Send me a mail with what prints you’d like (title, what type (A3 regular, facsimile, remarque…), and how many). If PayPal doesn’t have your correct address, please let me know in your email too.

When you pay by PayPal, please include the following information in the comment box: Titles of prints and your name.

I often process several very similar print orders at the same time, and if the name in PayPal doesn’t match the name in the email (which frequently happens when using family members’ accounts, for example), I don’t know who has paid me and for what.

All my prints are sent in a cardboard-backed envelope with more cardboard protection inside.

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