4 thoughts on ““And their eyes met” – Tuor and Idril

  1. I love this so much – they look so adorable, Idril with that little smile and Tuor with his scruffy beard! I feel like I can imagine the expression on his face exactly, even though I can’t see it. And the fabric! And the Elven guard! (Am I wrong, or is giving Tuor the side-eye, “Don’t think I can’t see you”?) I also love the glimpses at the architecture of Gondolin the background – it looks so organic, completely different from the very angular style Alan Lee chose for his illustrations!

    • Thank you so much! I started experimenting with this sort of organic architecture in my “The Vanyar leave for War”, and since Turgon modelled Gondolin on Tirion-upon-Túna, I figured I had a great excuse to use it again.

      The guard has been officially named Bert by my Patreon followers, and has become the secret star of this piece. XD

      • No wonder! He reminds me of those guards in front of Edinburgh Castle or Buckingham Palace or what-have-you, having to stand to attention and show no emotion (let alone amusement) while the silly tourists take photos and misbehave around them… but not missing a thing! XD

        I must have missed “The Vanyar leave for War”! So I haven’t seen Tirion depicted in this style and it was completely new to me. It’s so intricate, and those trees growing out at odd angles makes it feel almost as if the whole tower is made out of living tree-trunks. (Like those bridges somewhere in India that are entirely made up of roots that were painstakingly trained to connect and intertwine across a river? Not sure I’m explaining this well.)

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